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Straightforward Treatment Timelines

Renew your life today. We believe there’s nothing more important than a healthy smile and healthy teeth that work to chew all the food you love. Don’t compromise with piecemeal dental visits and partial solutions; it’s expensive and time consuming. The sooner you start, the closer to the finish line you will be. Don’t hesitate, make the call today, so you can move on to a better quality of life.

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Typical Treatment Timelines

Implant dentistry takes months for healing. There are no shortcuts to bone healing.  Similar to hip and knee replacements, dental implants involve bone surgery and require months to heal.

A typical single tooth implant placement takes four months from start to finish.

3 easy steps:
  1. Appointment 1 – Dental implant surgical placement (60 min.)
  2. Appointment 2 – Check dental implant and take impressions (30 min.)
  3. Appointment 3 – Cement final crown (30 min.)
For more extensive treatments, the plan may look like this:
  1. Appointment 1 – Extractions, dental implant placement, and temporary prosthetic placed (90 min.)
  2. Appointment 2 – Check dental implants, take preliminary impressions.
  3. Appointment 3 – Place temporary prosthetic and evaluate smile and bite.
  4. Appointment 4 – Take final impressions for final prosthetic/bridges or crowns.
  5. Appointment 5 – Deliver final prosthetic/bridge work or crowns.

Most extensive treatments that do not require bone grafts can be completed in about 4-5 months.

If bone grafts are needed, an additional 4-7 months of healing time will be required.

Once you start, you will be one step closer to attaining your healthy, confident smile again.

Learn the real answers about timing of treatments. “Teeth in a Day” is really “Dentures in a Day.”