Dental Implant Options

Single Tooth Renewal

Have an ailing tooth or a failed root canal-treated tooth? Single tooth replacement is the most common use for dental implants, and it is the majority of treatments we provide at renew Dental Implant Specialists.

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One Tooth Can Make All the Difference.

Tooth Root Replacement

A synthetic tooth root (a dental implant) is much like a synthetic hip or knee.  However, a synthetic tooth root is smaller than a synthetic hip or knee, and it requires bone healing, which takes months.

At renew, we make sure the bone heals properly and that the implant has the greatest chance for successful healing.  Successful healing leads to a long-term successful, functional tooth.

Single tooth replacement is typically completed within three appointments.  The first appointment entails the implant placement.  This appointment is carefully planned before you come in using our 3D virtual implant placement software.  This technology allows us to determine the exact implant type, size, and length, and where and how the implant will be placed.  Following the first appointment, there will be a 3.5 month healing time.

At the second appointment, we check the implant stability and take impressions for the laboratory to make the final crown.

At the final, third appointment, the attachment (called “abutment”) that connects the synthetic root to the porcelain tooth (called a “crown”) will be placed.  Then, you will move on to enjoy a lifetime of happy chewing and smiling!