Regain Your Smile. Regain Your Confidence.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Get Back What You Thought You Lost Forever.

At your free 1-hour consultation, you’ll received a complete evaluation regarding your oral health issues. We look at what may have caused your dental problems, so that we may prevent future problems.

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Crowns and Veneers

Cosmetic Dentistry

We specialize in dental implants but we also care how you look and feel. This is why we do crowns and veneers too. You having a great smile is at the top of our list. And we may have to use all of our treatments to give you a perfect smile.

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Collapsed Bite

Get Your Bite Back.

Imagine no teeth separating your upper and lower jaws. They would come closer together than they normally would, collapsing on each other. Many people have severe attrition of their teeth, making them smaller and allowing their upper and lower jaws to bite closer together. This is called a collapsed bite.

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Root Canals and Other Treatments

Complete Treatment. Complete Care.

Root canals do fail, but in general, they are a great way to save the natural foundation of a tooth. If saving the tooth seems to be the best way to solve your dental needs, then we will recommend and get it done.

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