The renew Founding Story

Giving every person a chance to smile with confidence and eat with ease.

After more than a decade of dental implant experience, Dr. Todd Wedeking realized that many patients who could benefit from dental implants weren’t choosing this preferred option, because it wasn’t affordable to them. He decided it was time to change this. Dr. Wedeking founded renew Dental Implant Specialists in 2012 with the dream to make quality dental implants accessible to everyone who needs them.

Renew is uniquely equipped to achieve this dream due to our world-class staff expertise; in-house dental laboratory and proprietary, innovative surgical techniques. With each patient we are privileged to serve and each new location we open, we get closer and closer to realizing this dream.

The heart and soul of Renew is patient driven, not money driven. Our #1 focus is meeting patients’ long-term dental needs in the most affordable way possible.

Through our exceptional service and affordable dental implants, we exist to give every person a chance to smile with confidence and eat with ease.

Where We Are Now

After spending several years developing “The renew Way” in the Walnut Creek office, Dr. Wedeking put his plans in play by opening a second office in San Ramon and hiring and training Dr. Jon Geleris. In early 2016, we opened our third office in Burlingame, CA. We continue to grow with each patient we see, and we are honored to receive referrals from happy patients on a daily basis.

Where We Are Going Next

We plan to open a fourth office in the San Jose area in 2017.  This will allow us to serve patients throughout the Peninsula and South Bay area.  This expansion, combined with our East Bay offices in Walnut Creek and San Ramon, will be a giant step towards becoming the Bay Area’s most affordable, most trusted dental implant specialists.

Where We Are Going in the Future

After we have established our presence as the leading dental implant provider in the Bay Area, we plan to continue our growth in other geographic areas. We’ll do this by recruiting doctors who share our vision and want to learn how to treat patients the “renew Way.” We’ll help them set-up their implant practices using our proven methods. An emphasis will be placed on ensuring all patients seen at a renew office receive exceptional service and have an outstanding experience.

  Office Locations

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Our Purpose

To improve people’s lives by providing high quality dental implants at an affordable price.

Our Vision

To become the nation’s most affordable, most trusted dental implant specialists.

Our Mission

To ensure every patient who walks through our doors has an outstanding experience and leaves with a renewed perspective on dental care.

Core Values for renew Employees

1. Deliver “renew” GREATNESS through exceptional service

2. Create a fun, happy environment

3. Listen with an open mind

4. Always make it right

5. Pursue ongoing growth and learning

6. Build open and honest relationships via effective communication

7. Build a positive team and family spirit

8. Do more with less

9. Put the patient’s needs first and focus on long-term solutions

10. Be a humble professional