Dental Implant Specials

Our CASPIR Method

Full Arch Solution $19,995*

This is an all-inclusive offer – no gimmicks or add-on treatments/costs.

The CASPIR Method includes everything you need for a full upper or lower arch set of teeth:

  • All extractions
  • 8 or more dental implants (determined at time of exam)
  • Sinus and socket grafts
  • Cosmetic interim teeth (used while implants/grafts are healing)
  • Cosmetic permanent ceramic (stronger than porcelain) teeth

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The CASPIR Method will bring you as close to natural teeth as possible, TODAY!  Dental implants support bone growth and are the optimal option for many patients.  This is why we will place 8 to 12 implants to support bone growth and allow your new teeth to function as they once did, individually.  The zirconia ceramic crowns used with the CASPIR Method are strong, life-lasting, cosmetic teeth.

Come to our free 1-hour consultation appointment for your free 3D scan that you can keep for FREE!  The 3D scan will allow us to evaluate your bone quality and quantity and determine if you are a qualified candidate for this treatment.