Dental Implant Specials

Zirconia Implants

Only an Additional $500 per Implant*

At renew, the dental implants we offer are either made out of titanium or zirconium dioxide ceramic. Both are 100% safe for your mouth. However, for patients who have sensitivity to metal, or who simply prefer a metal-free dental implant, the Zirconia implant is the best choice.

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Zirconia implants are the preferred option for patients whose gingiva (gums) shows in their smiles and need a front tooth replacement. The white zirconia looks natural in the gums, whereas a titanium implant can sometimes give the gums a greyish hue.

The Zirconia implant is extremely biocompatible and has high tolerability in the human body.  The strength is comparable with titanium implants. We offer this option for an additional charge of only $500 per implant.