Dental Implant Options

Non-Removable Dentures

Dentures in a day? Yes, dentures are considered teeth. We can tell you all about our fixed denture option, how the process works, and lifelong wear of this option. Take a look at the non-removable option to see if this is right for you.

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The More Implants, The More Secure.

4-6 Dental Implant Hybrid Denture

The more implants, the more we can secure a denture prosthesis.  This prosthesis is called a “hybrid” denture.  This hybrid denture piece consists of a titanium bar covered with denture acrylic and high impact denture teeth.

A hybrid denture is best for limited bone situations.  This hybrid denture piece can only be taken out by the dentist. Routine care of brushing and flossing is all you need.  We do recommend an electric tooth brush and a water-pic to help keep this solution for a lifetime.

They look great and provide a solid bite.  We need to see your specific situation with the 3D imaging to evaluate this treatment plan.  If you have enough bone, other treatment plans which provide porcelain teeth may be our recommended choice.  Please see our 8 or more treatment plan for a fixed dental implant option.

8 or More Dental Implants

Our favorite treatment plan. For nearly the same cost of a hybrid denture plan, you can have all beautiful porcelain teeth and bridges.

If you have the bone, use it! Dental implants support bone growth. Dental implants keep you healthy and bring you as “back to natural teeth” as possible.

The big difference for this plan over all others is no plastic teeth. Yes, all other denture supported or fixed plans are made with denture teeth, which are plastic. The teeth made for an 8 or more dental implant plan are made of porcelain. They are durable and long lasting just like crowns and bridges on natural teeth.

Come to our free 1 hour consultation appointment for your free 3D scan so we can evaluate your bone quality and quantity. This will determine if you are a qualified candidate.