Dental Implant Options

Multiple Teeth Renewal

Missing a few teeth? Wondering if you need more extractions? Let’s take a look at a few options for dental implants that may be helpful to you.

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Multiple Teeth Renewal

This plan is the best if you are missing numerous teeth in the back of your mouth and no longer chew on one side and therefore chew 100% of your food on the other side of your mouth.  This condition commonly overloads the side you chew on, which creates stress and fatigue on these teeth.

When missing multiple teeth, it is possible to restore these teeth using either single tooth replacement or multiple teeth replacement using bridge work from implant to implant.

Your treatment plan options will depend on your specific anatomy and the health of your remaining teeth.  Your quantity and quality of bone is a key component to determine which option is best for you.  Our free 3D scan, which is included in your free 1-hour consultation, will allow us to assess your bone and advise you accordingly.