Dental Implant Options

Denture Support

Have a denture but need more stability? Implants help tremendously with support and stability. At renew, you’ll enjoy many options and treatment choices.

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Great Options Designed for You.

4 Mini Dental Implants

(lower arch)

Full Lower Denture Stabilization

dental-implant-options-4-miniSimple and basic, mini implants are most helpful in limited bone situations. Because of their simplicity, they offer the best financial possibilities. 4 mini implants are needed to stabilize the lower denture and 6 mini implants are needed for an upper.

Mini implants are 1 piece implants. This means that the connector component of the implant is fixed to the implant and cannot be changed. Since the connector is a part of the implant, the implant can be very small, hence “mini”.

A traditional implant by comparison is larger in diameter because it contains a fitting which allows the dentist to adapt any fitting to the implant as needed.

This is the most cost advantageous lower denture dental implant solution we offer.

6 Mini Implant Dentures

(upper arch)

Full Upper Denture Stabilization

dental-implant-options-6-miniSimilar to the lower mini implant solution. The upper arch is bigger and needs a couple more implants than the lower. 6 mini implants are used to maintain a very stabilized denture. This is a very good solution to using denture adhesives and ill fitting dentures. This mini dental implant system will give you plenty of security when biting and chewing. You will be very happy with the results and function of this treatment choice. “I wish I would have done this sooner.”

This is the most cost effective upper denture dental implant solution we offer.

If we can use your denture with either of these treatment plans, you can discount your financial commitment $2000. This brings your cost to under $4000 per arch.

2 Implant Attachment Denture

(lower jaw only)

dental-implant-options-2-implantAn amazing first step for securing your lower dentures.

To dental implants are placed in the lower jaw. Once healed, attachments can be applied to implants and your denture. These components engage when your denture is seated in your mouth providing excellent retention of your denture.

This treatment plan is comparable to the lower mini dental plan with similar results. The main difference is that changeability of the attachments with traditional implants versus a one piece implant like the mini dental implant.

4 Implant Attachment Denture

(lower jaw only)

dental-implant-options-4-implantThis takes the 2 dental implant plan to a fully removable stabilized. Four implants creates a “four-legged stool” type of support for chewing. One of our most popular treatment plans for patients who have enough bone for this option.

These attachments work very well. Four attachments create a near fixed-teeth feel.

This plan is one of our best overall values. The four implant attachment denture system is a mid-price option with most of the benefits of price options.

4-6 Implant Bar Over Denture

dental-implant-options-4-6-implant4 to 6 dental implants can be connected by a titanium bar to make them all stronger. A denture can then be fitted to this bar making it extremely stable and comfortable.

This bar denture system gives you the security you need, but also the easy long term care all dentures need from time to time.

This system is used for patients that need to improve implant strength while creating a strong base for a full mouth chewing load.

You also get superior cosmetics from this option over fixed denture hybrid options.

To really see if you need this option, renew needs to see you smile and check your bone shape and quality.