Why renew

Affordable Prices

At renew, we will work with you to find the best plan to fit your budget. Since all our services are provided from one location, we can provide more complete, faster care, which saves you money.

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Faster and Complete Care

One place for all your care allows your treatment to be faster, more understandable, more affordable, and complete. We understand all the steps involved in your treatment so that you can relax.

Unlike most general practices, we do not refer you out to specialists, nor do we rush from chair to chair trying to fit in as many patients as possible.

At renew, we are focused entirely on your care.  Our typical treatment plans are extensive, but we simplify them by staging all the required steps, and we work exclusively with you for your entire visit.  By keeping our focus on you, together, we can get more done in less time

Our complete care approach allows us to manage your visit better, faster, and at a more affordable price than a traditional dental office.

Come visit one of our offices and see for yourself; you may be surprised!

Complete care allows us to manage your visit better, faster, and more affordable than the traditional dental office.

Discounts for Payment without Insurance

We give discounts to patients who do not have insurance.  Yes, we consider dental insurance to be a “dental coupon” with fairly little benefit to the treatment plans we offer.

Renew offers affordable pricing for your complete dental implant treatment no matter how simple or complex it may be.

When you come in for your free one-hour consultation, we will provide you with pricing for your individual treatment plan.  If you have insurance and want to use it, we will provide you with a cost estimate based on the contracted pricing set by your insurance company, whether they cover the service or not.

Please be knowledgeable about your insurance plan and let us know at your first appointment if you intend to use your dental insurance; it will save you valuable time.