Dental Implant Options

Complete Renewal

This is our full-mouth rehabilitation treatment plan and offers eight or more dental implants using our signature CASPIR (Computer Assisted Surgical Prosthetic Immediate Rehabilitation)  method.  If you have sufficient bone, this option may be right for you.

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Get Back What You Thought You Lost Forever

8 or More Dental Implants

This is our favorite treatment plan.  It will bring you as close as possible back to your natural teeth and smile.  If you have sufficient bone, we recommend you use it!  Dental implants support bone growth and are the optimal option for many patients.

The teeth made for our eight or more dental implant plan are made of porcelain (not plastic, which is how dentures are made).  They are durable and long-lasting just like crowns and bridges on natural teeth.

Come to our free 1-hour consultation appointment for your free 3D scan, so we can evaluate your bone quality and quantity.  This will determine if you are a qualified candidate for this treatment.